• Old Capital Bike Inn's Main Entrance
  • Old Capital Bike Inn's Lobby
  • Old Capital Bike Inn's Lobby
  • Old Capital Bike Inn's Lobby
  • Old Capital Bike Inn's Staircase
  • Old Capital Bike Inn's Lobby
  • Old Capital Bike Inn's Lobby
  • Old Capital Bike Inn's Lobby
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Old Bangkok's only heritage bike inn

Hot Deals
Hot Deals

Old Capital Bike Inn was formerly known as the popular Old Bangkok Inn, which had been offering discerned travelers with award-winning, boutique accommodation in old town Bangkok for the past decade. So we felt it's time to throw a little "new" into the "old".

To name a few, by incorporating a vintage bike theme into our heritage inn, you can finally truly relive the past with our vintage bikes and refurbished classic decor. Plus, we're offering free bike rentals and free night bike tours as well just so you can discover more of the 'unseen' old Bangkok.

What's comforting, however, is that we're still family-run by the same familair faces from Old Bangkok Inn, so you'll always feel at home. Now, let's go back in time together... to Old Capital Bike Inn.

Old Capital Bike Inn's Exterior
  • Rich in history and charm.
    And we don’t just mean our bikes.

    The Old Capital Bike Inn carries as much history as old Bangkok itself. The property where it sits was originally a palace bestowed by King Rama V and has since been in our family’s care for seven generations. Conveniently located in Rattanakosin Island, it’s in the heart of Bangkok’s historical and cultural quarter. Family-run, our ten-room heritage bike inn provides a personal touch of nostalgia.

  • Being green is as classic
    as we can be.

    At the Old Capital Bike Inn, we believe it’s our responsibility to reduce our impact on our community and environment. We are one of the few green hotels in Bangkok, and are a fully non-smoking establishment. From the daylight maximization design of our building to the various appliances and technology we use, we’re simply green at heart.

  • How we conserve and recycle

    • Using energy-efficient appliances and lighting
    • In-room sensors to shutdown electricity when guests leave the room
    • Solar water heater system used for hot water
    • Low-flow showerheads and low-flow, dual-flush toilets
    • A voluntary linen and towel reuse program in all guest rooms
    • Separating waste materials for recycling
    • Using wood furniture and fixtures salvaged/rebuilt from old teak wood
  • Family Suite at Old Capital Bike Inn
  • Outdoor Area from Garden Suite
  • Open-air bathtub from Family Suite
  • Honeymoon Suite at Old Capital Bike Inn
  • Staircase
  • Garden Suite at Old Capital Bike Inn

Sleep in the past. Forget the present.

Furnished with Thai golden teak, each bedroom has been meticulously restored to exude its very own heritage charm. You’ll be greeted with unique heirloom furniture as well as playful wall paintings depicting life in old Bangkok. Yet as classic as it feels, we do provide modern amenities such as satellite TVs, media players, and in-room free wifi.

With prices starting at only US$ 92 (3,190 Baht), it surely is a delightful way to experience old Bangkok.

Bike tour in the Old Bangkok

To relive Bangkok’s glorious past,
you need a ride
with just as much history.

The classiest way to take in old Bangkok’s grandeur is on a pair of truly classic wheels. At Old Capital Bike Inn, our fleet of vintage bikes dates back over forty years. Restored to its original looks and details, the bikes promise a fully-functional, safe and enjoyable ride. Plus their upright riding position ensures you won’t miss any of old Bangkok’s amazing sights. Best of all, you can ride them for free!

  • Vegan Food at Old Capital Bike Inn
  • Vegan Food at Old Capital Bike Inn
  • Vegan Food at Old Capital Bike Inn

NEW! Classic Thai dishes with a vegan twist.

It's never easy travelling when you're on a strict vegan diet. But at Old Capital Bike Inn, we'll always try our best to accommodate you. With breakfast menus such as Vegan Pineapple Fried Rice or Rice Noodles with Mushrooms and Tofu, you can rest assured you'll be storing enough energy to explore old Bangkok.